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Vermonters already know the benefits of Eating Local and Buying Local. Now Vermont is leading the way to Invest Local as a way to build a strong local economy.

Communities thrive when people invest in each other. Entrepreneurs and small businesses gain access to “neighborly” capital to grow their company, while investors work toward their financial goals by investing in businesses they believe in. The whole community benefits as local jobs are created and wealth is recirculated through the local economy.

Until recently, investing in start-ups and private companies was the realm of the accredited investor, roughly defined as an individual with more than $1 million in net worth. In June 2014, Vermont’s Department of Financial Regulation passed the Vermont Small Business Offering exemption (VSBO) which allows non-accredited Vermont investors the opportunity to invest in Vermont start-ups and small businesses.

gringo jacks logo 72Jack Gilbert
Founder/CEO Gringo Kitchens LLC
Gringo Jack's
Southwestern Grill
5103 Main Street
Manchester Center, VT. 05255
Office: 802-362-0836
facebook 16


Gringo Jack’s line of products establishes new market tiers in each of our categories of “Flaky chips”, “Sassy Salsa” and Boot Stompin’ BBQ sauces. These offerings are unique and on trend products with non “me-too” offerings that focus on natural ingredients, super foods and on unique flavor profiles. We focus on incorporating locally grown or produced products from smoked maple syrup to organic tomatoes in our new launches in 2016. Gringo Kitchens LLC has three categories of products that distribute into multiple channels of distribution; grocery chains and independents, specialty food stores,coops and natural food stores, institutions (colleges, ski areas and hospitals) convenience stores, delis and restaurants.


Gringo Kitchens LLC. was founded in 2012 as a growing manufacturer of unique line of all natural chips , salsa and sauces. Our principal office is located in Manchester, Vermont and our production facility is located in Sunderland , Vermont. Gringo Kitchens has grown from $5000. in sales at Gringo Jack’s Bar and Grill to $500,000 in 2015. In 2012 GK LLC was formed as separate entity from the restaurant to focus on distribution through the natural, Grocery and food service channels predominately in Vermont and East Coast.


Gringo Kitchen’s has grown into part of the regional food system in Vermont and New England. With our 2016 launches and new products we will continue to build partnerships and relationships on both the farm produce level, literally from the ground up as well as from top down with co-packing for value added specialty food producers. We hope to make you smile with Gringo Jack's delicious, Flaky Chips...Sassy Salsa...& Boot stompin BBQ sauces made honestly in VT.


Gringo Jack's line of products had a 65 % growth rate for the last quarter of 2015 increasing $51K over 2014 proving out traction and expansion. Our five year plan is togrow from $500k to 11 million through increased distribution in multiple channels and expansion of product formats. We look forward to talking with you about our plans.


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