Burlington Herb Clinic:

  • one-on-one educational services and health coaching in a private and professional setting
  • centered on the use of medicinal plants, nutrition, and exercise to support optimal health
  • a worker-owned cooperative of qualified herbalists

RAILYARD Apothecary:

  • a full-service herbal and nutritional apothecary
  • herbal research library and teahouse

We work in partnership with allied practitioners and healthcare providers, provide a mentorship structure for practicing herbalists, and serve as a community resource for gathering and dispensing medicinal herbs.

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Founders Guido Masé and Katherine Elmer bring a combination of clinical experience, entrepreneurism and project management, plus extensive networks with physicians and practitioners of herbalism and integrative health at the University of Vermont.

Guido is a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild (AHG) and has founded several organizations including Sage Mountain Free Herbal Clinic, and the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism (VCIH). He has 15 years experience in clinical practice and brings an active client base to the clinic which  represents over 75% of start-up volume. Katherine is a clinically-trained community herbalist and lecturer at the University of Vermont through Environmental Studies and Integrative Health programs. She is co-founder of Spoonful Herbals and organizes medicinal plant gleaning events (“Herb Mobs”) on area organic farms and public green spaces. She has 10 years experience in collaborative leadership, shared governance, project management, and partnership development, including serving on the boards of VCIH and the Vermont Herb Growers Cooperative. Katherine and Guido are joined by Julie Mitchell MS, Lani Courtney, Sue Staley, and Emma Merritt as core clinical practitioners.


Consumers need knowledgeable, professional resources for making informed choices in herbal medicine

  • Herbs are increasing in popularity and availability, but there is limited information
  • Concerns exist around quality, identity and possible adulteration of herbal supplements

Conventional health care providers have a strong and growing interest in complementary medicine

  • Curriculum of medical and nursing training includes more herbal medicine and nutrition
  • Use of herbal/nutritional modalities improves overall patient care

Burlington is an ideal location

  • Interested population and patient base
  • Strong ties with and interest from the University of Vermont
  • Thriving, collaborative herbal community: current location, and community of growers

 We are passionate about our mission!

  • Modern culture needs herbal medicine as a crucial part of re-wilding self and city
  • Cooperative values create more sustainable organizations


BCHC is organized as a worker-owned cooperative and has already reached its goal of five owner-members whose equity payments will cover initial development and infrastructure costs.

It is now seeking additional capital from patient investors for the bulk of fit-up costs for the clinic space, furniture, IT equipment, appliances and legal expenses. Community support in the form of investment capital will help the Clinic achieve its goals with minimal debt which could inhibit initial growth.

The five owner-members each bring an established client base which will allow the Clinic to achieve immediate cash flow, and based on our revenue/cost projections, we expect the BCHC to be profitable within the first year.

Guido Masé RH(AHG) & Katherine Elmer MS
270 Battery St.
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 448-0521


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