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We are a passionate team of innovators and trailblazers who always challenge the status quo. We love Vermont, our businesses, and believe our community is stronger when our businesses are thriving. We focus on collaboration vs competition and believe that together, we can make a positive impact on our community and economy. We are digital marketers, designers, photographers, strategists, and more, who are all ready to take on the challenge of building a stronger economy in Vermont.


vtcarepackage product localmaverickLocal Maverick is an e-commerce platform which empowers local businesses and producers to seamlessly connect with customers in their community. Expanding our platform and analysis tools will allow us to create an easy, digital option for community members to shop with local businesses, and dramatically enhance local businesses’ ability to reach and understand their customers. This will allow dollars to stay local.





We do what we do because we care about our community and the people in it. Oftentimes local businesses do not have the resources needed to create a strong digital presence and adapt to technological/market trends. We believe in shining the spotlight on the businesses who create high quaDSC00060 400lity products/services, and make a positive impact on our community.

Now more than ever it is vital that businesses have the tools to create a seamless experience and elevate the customer journey. Whether it be mobile commerce, connected stores, or data driven insights, we want to help create those resources to allow our businesses adapt to the modern market.  

When our local businesses are unable to thrive, we have less economic opportunity for our communities, which in turn inhibits the ability for Vermonters to thrive. 

We believe Local Maverick will help create more economic vitality for Vermont by providing more jobs and opportunities for all Vermonters regardless of who they are. We do what we do because we believe in a future where local businesses have the tools to thrive, and our communities have the resources to provide a better life for all Vermonters. 


local maverick product imagesjpgHELP MAKE IT HAPPEN

We need your help to build a better future for local businesses. With your support, we will expand our platform’s marketing capabilities, reach, and analysis tools. This will dramatically enhance local businesses’ ability to reach and understand their customers. With increased capabilities, Local Maverick will help our dollars stay local and create a stronger Vermont economy. 

We hope you will join us in building a better future for Vermont. 



Seamlessly shop local during a COVID-19 winter

05.05.20  Local Maverick announces launch to help Vermont adapt to the ‘new normal’

08.11.20  Burlington Farmers Market and Local Maverick to Launch Online Platform BFM Direct

11.17.20   Pandemic-Era Delivery Services Bring Local Food to Your Front Door 

03.05.21  Local Maverick aims to raise $1,000 for Vermont Works For Women while promoting LUNAFEST

06.16.21  Check out this artisan market launching on Thursday at the Essex Experience





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