LWS DLWhy We Need Your Driver's License

Originally, under the VSBO regulation, only Vermonters could see the offering documents and invest in Vermont companies. So, here on Milk Money we had to see your Vermont driver's license to give you access to the investment information and documents.

In April 2017, the regulation was updated allowing anyone to see the offering documents. This meant a huge change at Milk Money. You can now immediately create an account, log in and see the campaigns and all documents, without having to prove Vermont residency.

However, only Vermonters can make investments. So when you decide to make an investment, please make sure you include a copy of your Vermont driver's license with your paperwork.

The verification of Vermont residency is a protection for the issuer (the Vermont business) to ensure they are properly using the intra-state exemption (i.e. VSBO), which requires that both the offer and sale of securities be within the state of Vermont.





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