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Vermonters already know the benefits of Eating Local and Buying Local. Now Vermont is leading the way to Invest Local as a way to build a strong local economy.

Communities thrive when people invest in each other. Entrepreneurs and small businesses gain access to “neighborly” capital to grow their company, while investors work toward their financial goals by investing in businesses they believe in. The whole community benefits as local jobs are created and wealth is recirculated through the local economy.

Until recently, investing in start-ups and private companies was the realm of the accredited investor, roughly defined as an individual with more than $1 million in net worth. In June 2014, Vermont’s Department of Financial Regulation passed the Vermont Small Business Offering exemption (VSBO) which allows non-accredited Vermont investors the opportunity to invest in Vermont start-ups and small businesses.


  • Register to prove Vermont residency with photo of drivers license. Your account will be activated when there are campaigns.
  • Milk Money will email you a link to access current campaigns when our first ones go live.
  • Once you're registered and there are live campaigns, you can log in any time to review campaigns and make investments -- no need to re-register.
  • Determine your risk tolerance and how much you want to invest.
  • Review business plans/offering documents of campaigns that interest you.
  • Print and sign offering documents, then send with your check via certified mail to Milk Money.
  • Milk Money will process your documents and send your investor packet and certificate via certified mail.

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  • Fill out this form and tell us more about your Vermont Business.
  • We'll set up a time to discuss your capital needs and financing strategy.
  • If Milk Money is right for you, we'll walk you through your VSBO offering.
  • We'll guide you with your business plan and offering documents.
  • We'll help you create a campaign on our website.
  • We'll help spread the word throughout Vermont.
  • We'll help with your campaign advertising and approval process.
  • Give you the support you need throughout your campaign.

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Vermont Food Investors Network

VFIN Logo VerticalThe Vermont Food Investors Network (VFIN) is a project of Slow Money Vermont. VFIN creates opportunities for individuals, businesses, and investors to network, invest money in local communities, and help build a more resilient and sustainable economy in the Vermont foodshed.


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